Business owners have various ways of promoting products and services as well as interacting with their potential customers. One of the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur is on how they can turn a target viewer into a consumer and how they can keep them loyal to their brand. Aside from the fact that the competition is, indeed, tough. We cannot also deny the reality that a lot of commercial products are cloned at a very cheap price. Well, consumers just need to be meticulous in choosing the legit brands and must continue supporting the real ones.

I know that a lot of consumers out there are buying cheaper products, even if they know that it is not original. However, if you will have a marketing strategy that is strong enough to convince the target viewers, then there is still a big chance of survival in the industry. Today’s generation has changed a lot and you will notice that millions of consumers buy products over the Internet. For this reason entrepreneurs started hiring IT specialists, who can work on their official website for shopping purposes as well as providing details or information that are significant to the visitors. 

Now, to deal with such issues, business owners may also hire experts from to incorporate chatbots on their websites. This is an automated system enhanced with Artificial Intelligence that you may connect with tools like Zapier to make interactions or conversations easier. Through this, the visitors will be able to minimize experiencing stress that they used to deal with when waiting for their queries to be answered. This is a good news both for the company and the potential customers as well.


Again, this is a system that is programmed to perform tasks automatically. Through this software, a machine will have the chance to interact with the human beings over the Internet. That’s when the user visits various websites, pages or applications that uses bots. 

Through this smart machine, a visitor will be able to discuss or ask details and information. Of course, this bot will respond immediately and give you the most significant information to satisfy your needs. Let’s say that these machines responds in a way that they understand. That’s why, you have to be direct and clear in giving text or voice messages.


To work with bots, you have to integrate it with a messaging application. Remember that you are going to use it in a form of messages. Therefore, it will be more effective with apps like Facebook Messenger, Slack, LiveChat and Zapier.

However, doing this requires some expertise as well. In fact, you may learn how to do it, but you must be equipped with IT skills. This is needed for your chatbot to work properly and achieve the desired result. Anyway, the experts are continuously working on the development of this program, so that you can later on integrate more messaging apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype and Kik to name a few.

Zapier and its Features

As a business owner, who would like to enhance their sales and customer-related concerns, you are surely familiar with Facebook Messenger, right? Well, you should know that you may integrate your marketing and sales online via bot and Zap. When it comes to receiving and responding with data, you can deal well with your users by incorporating chatbots with it. By using this tool, you can have the opportunity to offer your business with more possibilities and services. The features are very important because this will be very helpful in building a brand as well as increasing your sales and keeping customers.

If you would like to survive in the industry and handle the tough competition, then you need an automated system to do the usual tasks every day. Why will you allow your business to be affected with various workflows, if you can easily do it automatically online?  Let’s say that after clicking, you will be able to gather data and automatically saved to a particular database. It is just one of the features that you may enjoy when using such schemes. It can also organize your users, reports and sales and save these directly on your system.

Actually, by integrating this tool, you will be able to connect the chatbot and the app without codes. You can also perform usual routines like sending an email and SMS. One of the things that you may find necessary is, adding a contact via Autopilot. Well, it’s like upon entering any establishment, the visitor does not need to write down personal info because they can record it for you. With an automated system, once a registered visitor logs in, the data will be taken from the database. 

Automating Chatbots with your Zapier

Those who would like to automate their chatbot with the Zapier, be very sure that you have an account on both apps. Now, if you are new to this, then you may try the integrations or customize the workflow. I supposed, you need some expertise to save time.

After choosing an integrated app, you can start by creating a new zap. From here, you may choose the Zap type that you would like to connect with your bot. be very sure to key in a valid email because this is where you will receive messages from the users and then, login to both apps. By this time, you need to choose a story as well as the interaction to be added to the system. Anyway, Zap will help you in customizing the integration by pulling out a sample data. After this, you may start setting up your template and configurations. Test this and activate your integration.

Those are just the basic steps that you need to go through when automating a task. However, the steps may vary, depending on the complexity of the tasks that you would like to assign to your bots. Check this out to learn more on setting up a free zap and bot integration.

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