In addition to the different Mods for each type of equipment, there are different kinds of modules, more or less powerful, or reinforcing your Warframe or even having two lines of effect.

Damaged Mods

These are the first Mods you will have the chance to find. You will only have during the first quest of the game that serves as a tutorial. It is with them that you will get your hands on the system of equipment and improvement of modules. They are not worth upgrading, however, being weaker versions of the actual Mods, prefer them. That being said, damaged Mods still troubleshoot a long time. And their reduced cost makes it possible to fill the holes of equipment that would have almost reached its maximum capacity. You can get the source from this source now. You can also visit  for more information about the same.

Types of Mods

Melee lovers, these Mods are made for you! Exclusively made for melee weapons, these little cards will give you access to powerful combos! Some of these Mods also add damage or effects to your equipment. In addition, they settle in a special location, and therefore take no place on your build. Capacity yes, but no place. Over the levels of your Mod posture, you will unlock other combos, and others, and more to become a master in the handling of your weapon.

Mods From Aura

Auras are rather special modules. Not content to reinforce you, they also improve the characteristics of your allies. Like the posture Mods, the auras have their own location, this time in improving your Warframe. There are three types of aura mods: offensive, defensive or tactical. It’s up to you to see how you want to play as a team. From the you can now have the best options in choosing the mods.

Augmentation Mods

We were talking about Unions and their special offers in this article and that’s what you’ll find at home. Very particular mods since they allow modifying somewhat the gameplay of a particular weapon or a very precise Warframe.

And that’s not all. the weapon increases add what we will call a “wow” effect. For each experience point earned by the weapon with this Mod apart, a small gauge at the bottom right of the screen fills. When full BOUM! A big explosion occurs, the type of damage depends on the union where you bought it. This explosion is devastating but it gives you more up to 25% of vitality and shield. While adding a temporary bonus that again depends on the union.

The Different Options

For starters, if you want to add an Exilus Mod to your Warframe, you can unlock a special slot using an Exilus Adapter. You can buy on the market, or buy the diagram and then use the foundry to create your object. You will need the following ingredients

Now that it says, let’s talk about Exilus Mods. These are mainly mods improving your movements: speed of race, speed of jump, duration of flight in aim etc. But you will also be able to find some which will improve your secondary characteristics, like the detection of the enemies, the resistance to the projections, stealth or the ability to open locked chests.

The Last Words

Obtained in the Nightmare missions, these Mods do not deserve toast text because their usefulness is crystal clear at first glance. It’s simple, they have two bonus lines. That’s it, there is nothing else to say! They will save you a lot of space and capacity while making you more powerful.