When you are going for a new internet connection, you can Apply for TRUE Internet package [สมัครเน็ตทรู, which is the term in Thai]. You have to consider, regardless of circuit type, a DIA circuit always consists of the complying with few benefits:

  • Surefire bandwidth

With Committed Internet Accessibility, your firm is ensured to receive the bandwidth you purchased, 100% of the moment. If your firm acquisitions a 100M devoted fiber net connection, you will always obtain 100M.

  • Synchronous upload as well as download rates

If you acquire a 100M DIA circuit, both your upload and download bandwidth/speed are guaranteed at 100M always.

Fast upload speed is necessary if your business has a lot of remote users, VoIP, cloud apps, etc. 

  • Much better throughput

Has your company ever experienced slow-moving internet speed, yet your net speed examination claims your transmission capacity is high?

If your firm does not have time for this sort of skulduggery, DIA may be the response.

This is a secret unknown in the world of ISP; however, as any ISP engineer will inform you, the transmission capacity your business acquires is not about the circuit’s actual throughput. It’s simply the transmission capacity at which the circuits are accessing the backbone network of the ISP. Once you strike the network; yet, it just relocates as fast as the network will enable.

  • Service level agreement

With real-time applications like Video, VoIP, as well as Remote Desktop growing in appeal, things like latency, package loss, and jitter have become very important on your business’s internet link.

Piggy-backing on the benefit of far better throughput, considering that DIA web traffic runs over a better backbone network, ISP’s can likewise slap a snazzy guarantee on the quality of your internet web traffic, called a Service Level Arrangement (SLA). A regular DIA SLA will guarantee:

    • Network Uptime
    • Packet Loss.
    • Latency.
    • Jitter.

So, when you are going for a DIA, you should search for a reputed company, such as True internet package [โปรเน็ตทรู, which is the term in Thai].

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.