SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that helps the website to reach the top of the ranking. The demand SEO is high in the digital era and the work is mostly done by the SEO consultancy as they are aware of the various categories of SEO and if you are in Digital Marketing and need to know about SEO, then you must be familiar with the types of SEO.

What are the types of SEO?

3 major types of SEO are commonly used by the professionals and they are On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO. Now, here you will get to know about each type and how they are relevant for a business.

  1. ON-Page SEO

In ON-Page SEO, the user needs to optimize and build the strategy for their website. The strategy includes the keyword search and optimization of the same. I talked about the former, the users need to target those keywords that are relevant for their website. For example, if the targeted keyword is London, the London SEO agency will go for that keyword instead of looking for another and the latter one states the optimizing of the searched keyword in the relevant position. Apart from keyword search and optimization, the next to come the Content, in ON-page SEO, the content should be fresh and organic that should be focused on the topic.

  1. Off-Page SEO

In Off-Page SEO, the users need to create the backlinks to promote its website and in this process, various methods are applied. Apart from that link building is also an important factor in Off-Page SEO and the same comes in the backlink that boosts the ranking of the targeted website. The brand promotion also comes in the Off-Page SEO, as Google ranks higher to the brands as they are known by the people and the same is in demand.

  1. Technical SEO

In this SEO, some technical parameters are to be kept in mind amid doing the SEO work on the website. This SEO aims to enable the search engine to crawl and index the website effectively. The process includes the optimization of robot.txt so that the search engine can easily access the website. The other processes are the creation of XML Sitemap, and the optimization of site structure and URL structure.


So, these were all about the types of SEO and some others are Mobile SEO, e-commerce SEO, Content SEO and significantly more.

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