Tried, True and Proven: The Value of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

Deciding what services to implement into your company can be incredibly stressful. It is likely that there are many choices about your company for you to decide on without even touching the different services that you can employ. You may have heard about the use of a digital mailroom from an employee or colleague and ended up here because you were interested but needed more information before you decide if it is worthwhile for your company. We hope to illuminate this subject for you and give you a better idea of how it works and how it can benefit your company.

The Basic Mechanics of a Digital Mailroom

Digital mailrooms are very simple. You have your mail sent to the digital mailrooms facility where trained professionals then scan your mail and send it directly to the correct recipients. Most digital mailrooms use advanced scanners to ensure that the quality of the mail is clear and legible for employees.

The software that is used is typically very secure, meaning that it is nearly impossible for anyone to intercept the mail. The software can be set up so that only the people that need a specific mailpiece can read it, as well as set it up so multiple people can receive a mail piece.

How Secure is a Digital Mailroom?

Physical mail is, unfortunately, insecure. Anyone who has the envelope has the ability to read the mail, and several people may view the mail before it reaches its proper recipient. Oftentimes if a mail piece gets lost, you have no way of knowing if it was destroyed or if it got into an unauthorized person’s hands because there is no accurate way to track it.

Using a digital mailroom greatly reduces this risk. Only those who you allow to look at any given mail piece will have access to it. Between that and the encryption software used by many digital mailrooms, this method can make your entire mail process more secure. 

Making Your Company More Efficient 

Digital mailrooms make your company significantly more efficient. Traditionally, you need people to sort through the mail to make sure that it gets to the correct recipient who must then physically go through their stack of mail in order to organize and respond to everything. 

Using a digital mailroom means that all of their mail is sent to a hub right on their computer. The mail is stored digitally and allows employees to prioritize important mail by using a keyword search feature.

Easy Implementation 

Implementing something like a digital mailroom sounds more difficult than it is. Digital mailrooms are there to help things run more smoothly in the workplace, by customizing the software to best fit the needs of your company. You are entirely in control of both the software and the process, ensuring that no matter the hierarchy of your company, you will be able to make the digital mailroom fit your company’s needs.

Making Your Mail Process Better

There are a lot of ways that digital mail can help your company grow, and there are plenty of digital mailrooms that would be happy to have a salesperson speak with you to find out how it could best work for you. The fact that you are reading this article means that you are taking a very important first step in ensuring that the proper amount of research is done before implementing new technology into your company.

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