A lanyard is an accessory with a rich history. It is used as an ID holder for different types of plastic cards and as a fashion and promotional object. The functions of this accessory are numerous. Sometimes, the military uses lanyards to secure small size weapons. It is also used as promotional accessories for firms, brands, businesses, and new products.

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Functions of a Lanyard

  1. Used in climbing

Mountain climbers sometimes use top-quality lanyards to fix themselves for safety. They use unique lanyards for this purpose. These types of lanyards are known as lineman lanyards. They are created from durable and strong materials for the protection of their users. Lineman lanyards are designed to prevent climbers from falling. Hence a buckle is usually attached to the lanyards to adjust the rope’s length.

  1. Plays a vital role in the military

This accessory has a rich military history. Though lanyards are now popularly used as fashion accessories, they are still efficient and useful for the military. Lanyards are used to indicate a soldier’s rank at the beginning. Custom lanyards have gained and added more colors and graphics from being a simple rope.

  1. Used as souvenirs or a promotional tool

Lanyards are used for advertising and promoting businesses, firms, and companies. Lanyards have become a means of publicity. The logos and brands of companies are printed on the custom lanyards. This increases your company’s exposure, thereby leaving a lasting impression on clients’ minds.

You can also send your company’s lanyard to your customers as gifts. In some trade fairs, conventions, and concerts, promoters give custom lanyards souvenirs. This is to show the company’s appreciation to the customers, which can, in turn, control the company’s budget.

Whenever people use lanyard souvenirs, they will most likely remember the exciting moments and the company they gave. You can also increase your sales volume by sending custom lanyards to your customers.

  1. Regarded as Arts and Crafts

The process of creating custom lanyards is exciting. In some schools, some courses teach students how to create lanyards. The schools further encourage the students to use the lanyards they have created in daily life. Schools usually teach the following styles of lanyards: the butterfly knot, triangle knot, and Chinese knot. These lanyards are easy to make, and anyone can make them. However, professional and promotional lanyards are created by machines.

  1. Used as electronic device holders and key holders

This is the most common use for custom lanyards. Lanyards can be used to protect and hang electronic devices like USB flash drives, MP4, MP3, digital cameras, smartphones, etc. These devices usually feature a through-hole at the top or bottom. You can connect the lanyard’s thread through the hole and fasten your devices across your hands or neck. You can also use your lanyards as key holders. This is the perfect key holding accessory for persons fond of losing their keys. By attaching your items to your custom lanyards, the probability of losing them is low.

  1. Becoming an identification badge holder

You can use lanyards to fix the cards of students or work cards of workers. They bring comfort and convenience to groups and individuals as security operatives can easily identify the right people to access a particular place, event, or occasion.

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