The hosting of your website on an Internet server is a very important part of which the success of the website depends to a large part. Good hosting must have three basic features:

  • Speed
  • Support
  • Security

It is also important to be able to adapt when your website becomes known and the needs of the hosting are increased as visitor’s increase. Ultimate goal to have perfect uptime close to 100% i.e. your page is always accessible and available from Internet visitors.

Abroad or Greece?

A question you should answer before choosing a hosting provider is if you want your page to be served from Greece or abroad. 

Usually abroad there are cheaper providers but if your page is in Greek (addressed to a Greek audience) then it favors you to choose a Greek Hosting provider because search engines like Google will treat you better and show you in Best place in search results.  Some say that it doesn’t matter if your website is hosted abroad even it is in Greek.

The hosting services have various prices ranging from a few euros up to tens or hundreds of euros depending on the service. A good choice if you are now starting your website or if you have a small business is Cloud hosting or a Virtual Private Server (VPS), more about these types of hosting below.

Another key piece to be careful is the support type of the provider. There will be several times when you need some kind of support on your hosting. Most providers offer support via email or live chat while some have phone support.

Hosting providers charge most of the time depending on the storage space measured in Megabytes and the range (bandwidth). This means you have to have some idea of how many MB your website occupies at the present time and in the future (storage) and how much about MB will be spent as your website is served to visitors (bandwidth). If you’re expecting a few visitors, then the bandwidth will be a little. But if you suddenly appear in first place on Google then traffic will be high and you will need enough bandwidth.

What type of hosting do I choose?

The cheapest and simplest type of hosting is on shared servers where on a server (PC box) There are hundreds of websites like yours. The quality of the hosting for your website in this case depends on the traffic that exists on all the websites that are hosted in the same box. Also, shared hosting can have various other restrictions such as uploading files to the server via FTP and what programs you can install on the server or the database resources that can be used by Your website. However, if you have low traffic and you do not have much experience from servers, shared hosting is a good and economical option.

The next type of hosting is the VPS (Virtual Private Server) ie a virtual machine (virtual machine) installed in a PC box. There may be many VPS in a box but the performance is almost always better than sharedservers. If you have some knowledge of server management then a VPS is the best choice for you as you can find providers with fairly good prices in this type of hosting.

If you do not want your website to share resources with other websites, then there is the choice of dedicated server where you have a PC box only for your website. The dedicated server may be a bit pricey but the performance of your website will always be close to 100% and the quality of the hosting will be the ideal. So you can rent a dedicated server and it will be like having a computer in your office dedicated only to you. 

The disadvantage of the dedicated server is that it requires several server management knowledge something missing from most who are looking for hosting. If you are not ready to hire a server administrator or learn all you need then this type of hosting may not be for you.

Finally, there are the cloud servers, a type of hosting that can prove to be highly reliable and ideal for a successful website. These servers operate on powerful giant cloud systems supported by large corporations like Amazon or Microsoft. 

One of the advantages of this type of hosting is that hosting providers can create hosting packages exactly tailored to the customer’s needs. Also if at any time you need more resources, upgrading the hosting package is usually a simple process.

A very economical way to “set up ” A site without worrying about all the tasks and issues to address and will address a webmaster with the above classic ways of hosting, is to register a domain and then Do it mapping the popular Take a look at this article for more information. It really is that more economical and reliable in our time…

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By Linda

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