Most of the businesses are on the web rather than the local market. Hence, entrepreneurs need to beat their online competitors for business growth. And, there comes the SEOin the play. Google has a simple priority of offering the best information for the users that are finding the same on the web.

Google usually changes its algorithms to ensure that visitors get the same that they look for on the web. As an SEO Company, it is your priority to saturate the search intent of the visitors instead of only focusing on website traffic.

It’s definite to have an intention to have a long-term brand valuation and recognition; it will define how you help users throughout the time of the search.

To achieve the goal, it’s essential to stay sharp on user’s activities on the web like, how they search, what they choose for searching things, and what they look for on the web. This is how you win the trust of your visitors. During the time, people prefer to search online through mobile phones instead of desktops. This makes people work on mobile phones in different versions.

For achieving big in the field of search ranking, it’s essential to know enough about mobile-first indexing.

Mobile-first indexing

Google updates its algorithm frequently. Why so? It is because Google favors searchers over website owners. If you construct a website that meets every guideline shared by Google and it helps visitors to fulfill their motive of reaching through the web then, Google helps you stand in the top position over the competitors.

These days, people prefer to search for things through mobile phones, be it about online shopping, search for something, or even visiting any online app.

This has made the website owner create websites or web applications that meet with respective search engine guidelines.

It’s been stated after research of Statista, around 52.2% of total searches are done through mobile phones. If the website crawling is based on the desktop version, it becomes difficult to offer a satisfactory search experience to the users.

Importance of mobile-first indexing

Previously, Google indexing was depending upon desktop versions. From the 2017 study, it’s been noticed that the usage of mobile internet has crossed 50% in more than 60 countries. If you stick to the desktop version of the website, your target audience will not be able to get the full information your website has. Thus, with the purpose to make their search experience smooth, it’s necessary to ensure mobile-first indexing.

Work on your website strategy for Google Mobile-First Index

You need not worry if your website is desktop-friendly. Just follow these steps to make the website mobile-friendly.

  • It’s important to have your website mobile-friendly as well as desktop-friendly. If you don’t have the website’s mobile version, work on making your desktop version responsive by adding a plugin.
  • It’s even necessary to check your plugins using mobile compatibility.
  • Know the importance of image optimization and ensure that they load faster on mobile as well as on a laptop or computer.
  • Make sure to have your website’s loading time as minimum as possible.
  • If your website has pop-up boxes, it works well on the desktop, but it could become difficult to have it in the mobile version. Make sure to use some alternate methods to encourage users to form fill-up or email subscriptions.  

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