The Standard Gain Horn (ANT-SGH) is used for antenna test range applications and is designed to provide accurate and reliable antenna gain measurements. The horn covers a frequency range of 0.35 to 170 GHz. They are galvanized before painting to prevent corrosion. Each antenna provides a peak gain NRL curve.

As with other antennas, the apparent increase in signal is no signal amplification, but rather an act of redistributing the available radio frequency (RF) signal in a preferential direction. So basically an antenna only directs, orients, or concentrates radio energy in a specific direction, but does not generate it.

The signal increased using an antenna is called gain and is measured in dBi. The basis of dBi measurement is an isotropic radio frequency emitter (ideal models with the same values ​​when measured in different directions). No new RF signal is generated, so a stronger signal can be obtained at the expense of most other directions.

5G+ standard gain horn antenna from millimeter wave experts

Mi-Wave has announced a new series of standard gain horn antennas for the mmWave industry. They work with 5G companies and big tech companies like Apple, SpaceX, and NASA.

Millimeter Wave Products, Inc. (Mi-Wave) has announced a new line of standard-gain horn antennas for the 5G industry. The world of 5G is still in its infancy, but the potential for high-speed wireless mobile internet brought by 5G is already attracting media attention. But behind the movement, there are also products such as VHF gain horn antenna.

The new standard gain horn antenna has a nominal gain of 25 dB and is available from 12.4 to 500 GHz. Customers know they are manufactured with precise control of dimensional tolerances.

All standard gain horn antennas offered by Mi-Wave are fully customizable to meet your needs. Gain calibration is accurate to within 0.5dB over the entire waveguide bandwidth. Other gain values ​​are available on request.

One of the main advantages of the new 261 series from Mi-Wave is that they are manufactured to very tight tolerances to ensure precise manufacturing. Any standard gain horn produced by Mi-Wave can be used to experimentally determine the gain of different antennas by other means.

They are important products for testing 5G antennas, applications, and technologies. They are used in antenna test range applications and help provide accurate and reliable gain measurements.

Mi-Wave explains that when choosing a standard gain horn supplier, it is essential to work with a manufacturer who can meet your exact needs. Mi-Wave is one of the world’s leading industry experts.

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