People who are familiar with the concept of SEO and are aware of the existence of at least of one SEO firm would naturally wonder whether there is any ranking for these firms. In addition, what are the various aspects based on which the ranking is done that differentiates one SEO firm from another SEO company. In other words, what are the criterions for judging an SEO agency. This is not an attempt to spell out the Number One SEO company or fiftieth ranked SEO firm. As mentioned above, the intention is to throw some light on some of the important criterions based on which the rankings could be developed.

The comparison of an SEO agency comes down to its functions and the kind of results that they yield for their clients with respect to the rest of the market. An important factor here is to understand the customer needs properly. It is easy for an SEO firm to fall into the trap of generalizing the solutions for its clients, citing the reason that after all it is all about placing the correct piece of code into the HTML of the site. However, any SEO agency needs to understand that promising affordable SEO plans to the clients is not all about just giving them a generic solution. This is the era of customization and it is not wrong for a website owner to expect to get a SEO solution that is applicable to his website.

The number of clients that an SEO company has serviced is another indicator. It is natural to assume that an SEO firm with a larger client base is better than another SEO firm with a lower client base, if both the firms are in existence for almost the same number of years. This assumption is not wrong. However, along with the number of clients, equally important is the variety of clients that the SEO company services.

The total experience that the SEO agency has had in the field is also important. After all, this is an area where experience counts. It is not fair say that a new SEO firm will not be as good as an established SEO agency. In that case, it depends on the learning crave that the new SEO firm has gone through.

Yet another criteria of evaluating any SEO company is to see how agile and responsive they are to the changes that have been happening to the whole search optimization markets. Even though SEO as a concept is relatively new, it has been undergoing quick changes. Unless a company is adaptive to the changes, it is impossible for an SEO firm to last long. Take the example of any leading SEO agency and invariably they would have been quick to identify changes and adapt to those changes.

The list of the criteria that is used in the ranking of SEO firms as given here is not exhaustive. These are some of the important factors to consider.

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