As your wedding is drawing close, one thing you need to have is a wedding photographer who will cover your beautiful moment and also edit excellently like in iphoto alternatives but be sure to ask him the questions below before hiring him.

What Services Are Included?

This is an essential question, especially to avoid hiring unnecessary suppliers. The number of photos is defined by the bride and groom and the finishing of the album too, which can be, in suede, acrylic, wood, leather, fabric, you choose! One of the differentials is the delivery of all photos; that’s right, without limiting or restricting quantity or quality, all-digital material is also delivered in high resolution. Wedding photos, rehearsal, pre-wedding, trash the dress, Wedding album and replicas, paintings, screens, and digital file.

How Long Will The Team Spend At The Wedding?

As long as necessary, that is, until the closing. Whoever works with more than one event per day has to abandon the first event before it is even finished to attend and cover another location or choose to freelance. Photographers dedicate entirely to the bride and groom; they are present and photographing the whole wedding and with a fixed team, recording from the first minutes of the preparations until the closing of the party, that is, without time limit, they are not the ones who will put the time in your event.

And In The Making Of?

the making of is also recorded. Everything is talked about and arranged, but you can accompany the groom, and maybe a female photographer, with her sensitivity and incredible look, accompanies the bride. It is believed that each moment is unique and essential for the couple, and the preparations are just as necessary as the wedding. As a musician at heart usually say that, above all, it is like composing a song. In these first moments, the photographers and the couple are tuning, defining the melody, harmony and together, and share a beautiful work. Also know that editing software as seen in give the image a good result

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