Automation is the key to enhancing the productivity and profitability of your call center. The most advanced call centers use technology and AI to do repetitive work so that representatives can focus their time on customer interaction rather than the busy work in between. Seconds wasted manually dialing a customer’s phone number then waiting for the customer to answer are always better spent on engaging with a live caller, and auto dialer technology makes this shift possible. 

Algorithms make it work 

It’s not enough to simply dial and wait for a live caller on the other end. You don’t want to have a customer answer your call and then make them wait on hold until an associate is available to speak with them. Without predictive technology running in the background, your call center representatives could quickly become swamped if everyone they call answers the phone at once. 

This is where algorithms come into play, managing the call volume to seamlessly minimize downtime without compromising customer service availability. One aspect of the AI system is watching associate availability and anticipating their next move to constantly have a new call waiting as soon as the previous call is finished. Another aspect of the AI system is using data to predict when certain callers are most likely to answer so the system doesn’t become overloaded with live calls. 

This sophisticated system takes multiple inputs and analyzes the data to ensure your agents can spend as much of their time as possible providing customer service rather than trying to connect to a customer. Auto dialer technology can significantly improve your key performance indicators by managing call volumes, reducing downtime, and eliminating redundant busy work. 

Omnichannel capability 

Without a comprehensive system, it can take several steps and time to transform an inbound lead into an outbound social media, text, chat or phone call. With an auto dialer for call center sales teams, this can be accomplished seamlessly. The platform provided by Bright Pattern integrates all the ways to connect to leads and customers that you are now using and merges it under one convenient interface. This can lead to a significant increase in responsiveness, which often translates to an increase in customer satisfaction and sales. 

Laws and regulations 

Call centers that aren’t using the latest technology also risk running afoul of a constantly changing regulatory industry. It’s good business practice to make sure a manager or executive at your call center is always watching regulatory actions moving through Congress to ensure your system complies with the latest regulations. If you don’t have dedicated staff or a legal department keeping their eyes on the ball, the next best solution is to outsource this process to a company that specializes in keeping their system in compliance with legal shifts. 

Improve morale 

Call center staff can become overwhelmed or frustrated if they continually try to improve their KPIs but don’t seem able to move the needle. Auto dialer systems empower employees to effortlessly become more productive so that they can let their people skills shine. Some employees who have the best people skills may not have the most efficient work process; indeed, call centers shouldn’t leave workflow efficiency up to individual representatives who may have a variety of ways of accomplishing the tasks before them. 

Automating workflow efficiency immediately provides consistency throughout your department and removes an unfair disadvantage from those who aren’t natural efficiency experts. This can not only raise morale but also enhance the overall customer experience. Auto dialer technology is a win-win that can directly and indirectly improve your bottom line. 

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.