Nintendo Switch is a very popular video game console nowadays, it’s a portable console as well as a family game machine. Besides, we can already jailbreak switch to have more fun of free gaming. The first step of hack is to get an access to Switch RCM mode. In this post we will talk about what RCM is, how to enter RCM and what you need to enter RCM.

What is the RCM?

The RCM is a system used by Nintendo’s technical service to repair consoles with software failures. It is also possible to execute unsigned code in order to access homebrew and CFW.

What do I need to enter RCM?

To enter RCM it is necessary to create a bridge to connect pin 10 of the joy rail to the ground.

There are different types of bridges, we can bridge pin 10 with 1, 7 or 9. We can even connect pin 10 (with the help of a cable) to the screw that holds the rail or to the heatsink at the top of the console .

How can I make a bridge?

Jig printed in 3d

Not everyone has a 3d printer at home, so you may be thinking that this option is not for you, but it is very likely that in your city there is an establishment that is dedicated to printing objects in 3d, you just need to look for “3d printing [ Name of your city] “and you’ll see how they come out. Being a small piece (around 2cm²) it takes less than 5 minutes to print it and the cost is really low (I was charged $ 1.5 USD for two pieces). IMPORTANT, we must tell the manager that you want the piece at a resolution of 0.1mm (This means we want a high level of detail). Once printed, it is only necessary to cut, bend and insert a clip to create the bridge.

Using a clip

Personally I do not recommend this method if you plan to use it constantly, because if you insert the clip without being careful you can damage the pins (Although it is difficult to happen), but it is ideal to start once in RCM and then install AutoRCM.

The method consists in unfolding and cutting a clip, in such a way that the legs touch pins 1 and 10.

Using aluminum foil

Like the previous method, I recommend using it once I have installed autoRCM. Not because it’s going to damage your console, but because of the durability of this method.

The method consists of cutting a small strip of 1mm of aluminum foil and placing it on pins 9 and 10 of the joycon (not the console) and fastening with a bit of adhesive tape. We put the joycon in the console and we have the bridge done.

Using a cable

Perhaps it is a somewhat difficult method, but just as effective as the others.

Using a RCM jig

At any time you can choose to pay some money to solve the problem. In order to enter RCM mode you can buy a jig too. It’s not expensive (about 6€), according to me, purchase jig will be a more effective way, if you have not too much hands-on ability.

How to enter Switch RCM mode ?

Once we have the bridge done, with the console off, we must hold down the “+” button and press the power button once. If we did it correctly, the screen will remain black, if the Nintendo logo appears, we must turn it off, verify that the bridge is well done and repeat.

Being in RCM we can load “Payloads”, which is unsigned code that we will use to load CFW (Example: SX OS) and / or homebrew.

SX OS CFW is highly recommended to install on Nintendo Switch, thanks to its many exciting features:

  • Chainloading Linux
  • All eShop and cartridges games free to play
  • Cheat support
  • Emunand support
  • Homebrew support
  • Dump cartridges
  • Better menu for accessing game backups

If you are in RCM and do not want to load any payload, keep the power button pressed for 10 seconds, your console will turn off and the next time you turn it on, it will start normally.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.