Having a professional looking website or blog is extremely important. At the same time, you want to make sure your content is appealing and easy to read. 

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With this in mind, not all website content and fonts are the same. Read on to learn more about the best fonts to choose when creating your site.

How can you use these Google Fonts on your website?

If you use WordPress, you probably won’t have any problem since most of the templates integrate Google Fonts for use in H1, H2, p, etc. However, it is possible that aluna has not been included. In that case you could use the “@font-face” method to use other Google Fonts. Basically you have to upload the fonts in different formats to your server, and then place a CSS code in your style sheet.

Another method is to use “@import”. In this case, instead of uploading the Google Fonts to your server, you call them from Google. This is very easy as Google Fonts gives you the direct solution. Just click on @import to find the necessary CSS. You have to put it without the ‘style’ code that appears at the beginning and at the end.

Here are some of the most popular fonts to consider when choosing one for your site.

Roboto Slab

Designed by Christian Robertson, it is a free serif-slab font from Google Fonts. It was created to be used in combination with its sans-serif mode, and contains 4 different weights, but does not include italics. This is also one of the most liked fonts across the main social media platforms as well. When users are creating visuals and images for Instagram, it’s often one of the go-to choices when selecting a font that grabs the user’s attention and makes them want to click.

Recommended combination:

Title: Roboto Slab

Body: Open Sans

Fira Sans

Fira Sans is an open-source font created by Erik Spiekermann and with the contribution of Carrois Type Design. At first it was only created for Firefox OS but later on it was released in open source. It is still in active development and has today 9 different weights with italics, and a monospace version.

Recommended combination:

Title: Fira Sans

Body: Lato

Old Standard TT

Its design is inspired by modern serif fonts from the late 90’s. It is available for free on Google Fonts in normal, italic and bold, but unfortunately there is no italic style in bold.

Recommended combination:

Title: Cabin

Body: Old Standard TT

PT Serif

This elegant serif-style Google Font was designed by three Russian designers in 2010. It is available in normal, italic, bold and bold italic.

Recommended combination:

Title: PT Sans

Body: PT Serif


It is currently one of the most used condensed sources in Google Fonts. It has six weights from extra-light to bold. 

Recommended combination:

Title: Oswald

Body: Roboto

Cabin Condensed

A sans inspired by the typefaces of Edward Johnston and Eric Gill, with a touch of modernism and available in four weights.

Title: Cabin Condensed

Body: Gentium

April Fatface

It is inspired by the heavy titling sources used on advertising posters in the 19th century in Britain and France. It is a typeface with a lot of personality.

Recommended combination:

Title: April Fatface

Body: Raleway


A rounded font from the sans serif family. It started with the extra-light style and now has more than six points up to the extra bold.

Recommended combination:

Title: Dose

Body: Open Sans


The Oxygen font family is created as part of the KDE project, a free desktop for the GNU + Linu operating system. Available in three styles: light, regular and bold. 

Recommended combination:

Title: Oxygen

Body: Source Sans Pro


It is one of the most popular sans-serif typefaces designed by Jonny Pinhor and has four variants. It is ideal to give a different and minimalist touch to your website.

Recommended combination:

Title: Oswald

Body: Karla

Pathway Gothic One

It is a sans serif very similar to Oswald but with a finer design. It’s ideal for titles. The only drawback is that it is only available in one thickness.

Recommended combination:

Title: Pathway Gothic One

Body: Sanchez

Advent Pro

This is a sans-serif typeface with a modern style and designed especially for websites. It is available in seven variants and it is recommended to use it especially for subtitles.

Recommended combination:

Title: Advent Pro

Body: Oxygen Light

Maven Pro

A fountain with a unique curvature and movement. Its modern design adapts to any context and is also very readable.

Recommended combination:

Title: Josefin Slab

Body: Maven Pro

Use This Fonts Effectively!

We hope you enjoyed this detailed article on how to choose the best fonts for your site. The important thing to remember is to not just choose any font you like, but instead ones that are loved by a wide range of audiences and are easy on the eyes when reading.

There are a lot of great fonts to check out on Google Fonts. The trick is to figure out which ones are best for your given project. Make sure to read the requirements carefully!