Landlords take a lot of measures and steps to ensure finding the right tenant for their property. One of the ways that help them in this endeavor is the apartment rental history checkAs the name suggests, these checks help property managers and landlords verifying the rental history of a prospective tenant. It is conducted by combining a background check with a phone call verification. Although rental history can also be found through background checks many times it results in false information due to database errors or faulty data. Thus, the apartment rental history check also involves calling the current and previous landlord. 

Many landlords carry out this check and give a lot of credence to it. Giving a call to previous and current landlords can help glean first-hand information that cannot be unearthed during any check even if conducted thoroughly. Many times, these landlords prefer shooting straight as an arrow as they do not have anything to lose. Their inputs can help the landlord decide about the prospective tenant and whether or not he should be given a chance. 

It is important to carry out this search in a very proper and efficient manner. It is not a very time-consuming task but can save the landlord from months of problems and headaches. 

It is always recommended to check for apartment rental history because later it will not cause any issue for you, Also Tenant screening is also important, you can check for Tenant Screening Center for best screening of your tenants.

When giving calls to the landlord, one must follow a certain process and it should not be more than three phone calls within one day. When giving a call to them, a message can be left on their phone. Going beyond this is rude and can be irritating for the other person. He simply might not be interested to give his inputs. Since this part of tenant verification is very important, the landlord can approach the prospective applicant directly and tell him that his current or previous landlord is not responding. This will also send out a clear message to the applicant about the seriousness of his candidacy and help the landlord know if the applicant is also serious about renting the property from you. If the applicant is very keen to rent the property, he is surely going to speak to the supervisor of the landlord and ask him to give a callback. Conversely, if the applicant is not serious enough, the chances of hearing from him again are bleak and the landlord can move on to the next applicant that has cleared partial screening process. 

It is important to take this apartment rental history check seriously because renting the property to the wrong tenant can result in a lot of nuisance, stress, and troubles which might lead to evictions in some cases. 

By Linda

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