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What distinguishes us from robots in the usual sense? Even if someday humanity really creates robots similar to those that were in real life: Become Human, which will look like us and their level of knowledge will surpass even the most erudite professor in the world, they are all – it’s unlikely that they will be able to experience real feelings and emotions. They will not have so much vivid, multi-level, lively, but at the same time irrational, such naive relationship between each other as we do with you. This is precisely the key feature of people that will never become characteristic of robots. At least not in this century.

But how does this relate to robux games? Directly! They are created by people who have their own feelings, emotions, problems and their own attitude to the things around us, and there is no point in denying it. And every time we immerse ourselves in another interactive story, we hope that it can catch us, cause at least some emotions. And if this does not happen, then why is this game needed at all? And no, I in no way mean that if the game does not have characters or a story that catches us, then the game is bad. This is completely wrong. We are talking directly about those projects in which the basis is not so much action as the narrative.

Games And Emotions

All of us are experiencing emotions. We cannot do without it. And although we often do not realize this, we also love and observe the living emotions of other people. Do you think that this is complete nonsense? No matter how! So answer yourself – it’s more pleasant for you to watch, for example, a video where the video maker speaks monotonously unemotional, or you prefer the video of Denis Karamyshev, who in every issue of “Translation Difficulties” sincerely, completely naturally and humanly either praises, or everyone heart despises and hates certain moments of translation / dubbing? That’s it! We love when another person shows any strong emotions, and it doesn’t matter if it’s anger, joy or anything else.

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