It is not about needs alone these days; it is even about taste, preference and comfort. You can always find the applications that you wish to have on other stores like Google Play Store but this 9apps store is absolutely different and dynamic. It promises you everything in abundance and without any expectations in return!

Once you have installed 9apps in your android phone or device, you would not have to look anywhere else for the application cravings. You can easily get the applications that you want to have and love. Even the costly and premium applications are there for you at no price at all.  Yes, you would get all the applications without spending any money.

What is this store all about?

It is about everything. The store gets you all the applications related to all the industries, genres, personal grooming, entertainment, professional skills, and fun and so on. You name a thing and you would get it on this platform. You would not have to do any compromise on your choices and needs. You can conveniently get the applications that are delightful, amazing and useful.

In case you want to compare this store with that of any other Play Store, go ahead. You would definitely find this store a lot more promising and pampering. Since it is at universal platform and used by people in different countries, it has maintained its high standards.  Over the years the platform has turned out to be a popular and cherished store for users.  Speaking of this store in depths, it was introduced in the year 1999 and it was done by a China based company and now it is acknowledged and appreciated all over the world.  The size of this store is absolutely negligible.  It is simply 9MB.  The point is you can get this play store even if you have limited space in your mobile.

A few quick features s

There are many features of this play store and a few are like:

  • You would get all the applications, no matter premium ones or the popular ones, for free on this third-party play store.
  • You would not have to find anywhere else because all the applications are there on this play store. Even the third-party apps that are not there on Google Play store are available on this play store. in this way you get everything under one roof.
  • The users can easily navigate through this plays store because of its extensive ease and efficiency. The user interface is pretty impressive and never disappoints anyone.
  • The speed of this app is phenomenal too because it is light in size.
  • Finally, the play store is safe and all the apps on this store are safe for your device. The developers scan them before uploading the apps on the store.


Thus, you should install this compact plays tore and you would definitely find a rich experience! The play store would always fulfil your needs regarding applications.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.