When it comes to improving the handling and overall drive or your car, the saying “You get what you pay for” certainly applies. Pay less for lower quality suspension parts and you’re going to get a lower quality ride, so why not pay a little extra and get the drive you deserve? In this blog we take a look at Swift Springs and why they’re so popular.

At Springrates we see both sides of the equation all the time and we’re here to tell you that people who opt for Swift Springs are invariably glad they did. So, without further delay, let’s get into the wisdom of buying Swift Springs over lower quality varieties.

Customers Who Choose to Buy Them End Up Loving Swift Springs

We take customer feedback very seriously and what normally happens when people choose to have Swift Springs installed is that they love them. Returning clients often tell us that they regret not choosing Swift to begin with, as the difference between the ride quality before and after are so much different. It’s a popular viewpoint and one that we happen to agree with.

Swift Springs Are Made of Extremely High Quality Materials

The reason why springs made by Swift work so well is that they’re made from high quality materials. In fact, their springs are made from their own particular blend of metals making them lighter and stronger. The net result on the drive itself is a ride that reacts to road conditions faster, making the journey smoother for everyone inside.

The Comfort They Provide is Unsurpassed in the Auto Industry

What can’t be denied by anyone who has tried Swift springs is the comfort they provide. Standard coilover springs feel ok for the large part, however, that is only until you experience the Swift effect. Providing great performance both on the track and during your daily drive, they’re the absolute go-to springs for anyone wanting to make their ride more comfortable.

Swift Springs Transform Performance for the Whole Coilover

Another impressive thing about Swift Springs is that they transform the performance of the entire coilover unit, which is something both ourselves and our customers can confirm. Try a ride in a car with them in and then one in a car with a standard spring brand and you’ll experience a tangible difference.

Springrates – Your Trusted Local Swift Springs Supplier

At Springrates, we have made enhancing your ride easier than ever with our free 24 hour shipping within the Continental USA and our own stock inventory. The last thing you want to be doing when you’re eager to upgrade your car’s suspension is having to wait days and days for your Swift Springs to arrive and with us, you won’t have to!

If you’d like to browse through our entire range of suspension parts that include all the main automotive suspension manufacturers, head to our website www.springrates.com today. Alternatively, if you have any problems identifying your perfect product, give our friendly experts a call on 904-999-8111 and we’ll be delighted to direct you to your ideal purchase.

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