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Block games have been around since the 18th century! Even our ancestors have found these relaxing yet gratifying games to be addictive. Aside from just the addictive qualities, these block puzzle games have a seriously positive effect on our brains. That’s right! Block games are not just for babies and toddlers. Adults can benefit from the mind-strengthening qualities these brain-teasers have.

These Games Are Relaxing

The first thing we should mention is that playing games is a way to relieve stress and tension. We all need and deserve some downtime – time in which we can do whatever we want, however we want,  without someone telling us what to do. Setting aside time for playing games, such as block games, is actually recommended for adults. These can be athletic games and sports, board games, video games, and even games on our phones, like BlockuDoku.

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These Games Are Now Available Easily And For Free

Smartphones have gotten a lot of negative feedback over the years since the technology was created. Younger generations have attached themselves to this product for a number of reasons. Smartphones can be used for good and for bad, and one of the good ways it can be used is for brain-teaser apps.

Not all games have the same effect, but block games are ones that are both relaxing and challenging. 

They Can Be Challenging

Games are not fun if they are entirely too easy and mindless. Games like BlockuDoku combine the zen qualities of block puzzles with the challenge of sudoku. This way, there is a balance between mindless fun and a challenge that keeps the game interesting.


Giving ourselves a challenge every day may also sharpen the mind over time. Oftentimes, block games like BlockuDoku require you to think a step or more ahead of the game. Flexing those muscles will lead to better brain function in a lot of different areas. Improved problem-solving skills and attention to detail are just some of the improvements you could start to see. Never thought that smartphone apps like BlockuDoku could help actually sharpen your mind, did you?


Download BlockuDoku For Free Today!

BlockuDoku is available on both the App Store And Google Play Store for free! It just costs $4.99 to remove ads. Either way, this app has been offering countless hours of fun to over 5 million gamers across platforms. Combining the challenge of sudoku with the relaxation from block games has given Easybrain the success they have experienced in just four short years. This is a fairly small app developer but they hope to continue to grow and offer other fun brain-teaser apps that help us pass the time.


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