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You may know your Instagram content is fantastic, but if it seems like 10,000 people approve, imagine how much better it would seem. It can seem enticing to take shortcuts anywhere you can in order to broaden your following, like ‘buying’ Instagram followers, whether you’re aspiring to become a social media star or just wanting to promote brand recognition on Instagram.

Here, to give you a clearer understanding of how it really works, we have moved ahead and addressed all the questions you may have about buying Instagram followers. A lot of cheaper services are available that allow you to buy 1,000 followers for as little as $10 USD. Yet you’re charging for a number only. Either bots or inactive accounts are all of those fans, which means they will never communicate with your messages. For the price of a tiny latte, 1,000 followers sound like a fair deal. But if it really was that cheap and simple, of course, everybody would do it. What’s the deal, then? Is it legitimate and healthy for your organisation to purchase Instagram followers? Is it an investment that is worth it? The key reason why buying followers from Instagram can prove to be a frivolous investment is that the accounts you sometimes follow aren’t real.

Bots or idle accounts are the vast bulk of buyable followers. This is how it works here:

Instagram could have as many as 95 million bots as of 2018, which accounts for around 9.5% of the overall user base. There are enterprises out there that have so well streamlined the process of building bots that they can then market these bots as followers. In certain cases, using hacked photographs and names, the bots may also presume the identification of a real human. These fake accounts can also seem organic, operating on automation to exchange and like content, based on the service.

To generate content, some can also be programmed. However, since they’re not actual humans, they won’t get an organic-looking percentage of supporters to followers. As a result, there will be no effect on the interaction they make. Your posts are effectively concealed from all, except your inauthentic following, without actual followers to interact with your content. In addition, your bot followers would not share your brand with friends or family in real life, because, well, they do not live in real life (no offence, bots). The accounts are maintained in this situation either because they are operated by consumers whose primary purpose is to be followed in exchange or for the sole intention to provide this service. And while these followers might show early interest, when their accounts go inactive, they will eventually become a drain on the success metrics of your Instagram account. After all, whether their account was created for the sole purpose of satisfying sponsorship demands, there is no incentive for the actual person behind the account to focus on the newsfeed, engage with the material or buy the promoted products and services.

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