An astounding 5 million employees—or 3.6% of the working population in the US—are currently work-from-home or work at home at least half of the time.

That’s a 173% growth from the year 2005. 

If these numbers suggest anything, it’s that remote work is the new in-office work. By working from home, employees and companies alike save time, resources, and money. However, there’s one little problem: working out-of-office can sometimes mean more distractions or less motivation.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though! That’s where a free task manager comes in handy.

Are you a remote employee looking for ways to stay accountable? Or a team leader of a remote workforce wondering how to keep your employees on track? If so, this one’s for you.

The following free task trackers allow employees to stay organized, focused, and transparent, making the transition to WFH as smooth and successful as possible. Keep reading!


There’s nothing like a to-do list to keep your efforts organized. Plus, nothing feels as satisfying as crossing things off and seeing your progress being mirrored back at you.

Todoist encompasses all this and more.

Filter goals into categories—business and pleasure—and make lists within them. For work, that might look like “Meeting at 9 AM” or “Organize photoshoot.” For personal, that might mean setting reminders for working out or plugging in your grocery list.

When it comes to being productive, the more mental space, the better. Todoist allows users to get tasks out of their heads and clearly lined out on the screen, making it easy to accomplish goals on time (and schedule the fun stuff, too).


Hitask is a fantastic resource for keeping a whole team supervised under one platform while allowing them the autonomy to make decisions and take the initiative.

This free task manager is especially helpful for project-oriented staff members, as it organizes and categorizes workloads into smart stages, making certain things a priority while allowing low-priority things to sit in the background for a bit. Hitask also works across various devices—Apple, Android, desktop, and more—meaning you’ll never have one task manager for Mac and another for Microsoft.


Basecamp is another free task management software that works well for remote teams. It promotes communication across the workforce, as well as streamlined project management, ensuring all deadlines are met on time.

From to-do lists and message boards, to group chats, schedules, and documents, Basecamp takes things from “all over the place” to “in one place.” No more switching between devices, windows, and applications—everything is in one convenient, manageable spot, which is precisely what users look for in a free task management app.


One thing that plagues many a team is the concept of “busywork.” It’s a time-killer and space-waster!

Asana attempts to reduce—or altogether remove—busywork, leaving only the critical leftovers. This includes tasks both big and small, as well as present tasks or those in the future. Teams are clear about what to do (no confusion on what needs to get done and when!), plus, how to get it done promptly.

It also allows everyone’s job status to be visible, so users know exactly what their team members are doing, too. This shared space allows everyone to stay on board with their projects, holding accountability and motivation across the board.


Do you or your team members already have tools they’re in love with? Do you want a task manager that doesn’t force you to leave these tools behind?

If so, you can find seamless integration with Flow, which allows you to bring your tried-and-true technologies with you.

Regardless of what you or your team needs to organize—schedules, tasks, projects, and more—Flow can handle it all as well as the instruments you were previously using. This sense of familiarity makes the transition to a free online task manager more comfortable than ever. Most task trackers require that you start anew, which can be jarring for some.


This software program is ‘infinitely flexible,’ just like any good task tracker should be.

Organizing projects is fun, said no one ever. But with Trello, that statement just might be true. Trello utilizes cards, lists, and boards to allow team members to organize their projects in a way that’s rewarding and flexible. Say goodbye to that dreaded rigidity that tends to hold back the more creative staffers!

Additionally, Trello can work with more than one team. So, if you’re the leader of several groups, or you’re an entrepreneur with a few side hustles, you can integrate all your projects into Trello. This even includes personal endeavors such as family vacations or New Year’s resolutions.


If you’re finding it hard to communicate with your team members, HeySpace might be the answer you’re looking for, as they make internal communication a breeze. That’s why HeySpace is considered a winner when it comes to collaboration software.

This task manager might be the perfect solution for larger teams that need to be in constant communication. You can chat from anywhere with direct messages, quick replies, attachments, and video calls. It also lets you assign tags, due dates, and files to specific individuals, making everyone clear of their role and mission.

From Hardly Working to Working Hard: Use a Free Task Manager Today

If you need a way to improve your workflow or that of your team’s, task trackers are the way to go.

These tools can improve collaboration, communication, and productivity—all while being incredibly budget-friendly (i.e., free!). Choose a free task manager that works best for your team’s size and goals, and don’t be afraid to switch things up if you find that one isn’t working. Once you settle in with your favorite, you may consider doing a paid upgrade for even more features.

If you need more tips and tricks to make life easier, keep scrolling our page before you log out for the day!

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