7 Things You Can Do Outside Your Current Job To Advance Your Career

Deciding you want something different from your career is a big choice no doubt.

That said what might you want to do now or soon that will differentiate from what you’ve been doing for a while now.

In the event you have been a small business owner for a while now, could you see yourself moving in from it?

If you want to be moving on from a startup, what needs to go into such a decision?

Take the Time to Make the Right Call if Owning a Business

In deciding now in fact is the time for career change, make sure your finances will not be an issue.

So, this means that you are in a good financial position to make such a change. If you are not, you want to think long and hard about moving on. The last thing you want is to be in a financial predicament that likely could have been prevented..

If you own a newer company and selling a startup business is your goal, is the market your business is in doing well? In the event it is not, now may not in fact be the time to sell.

Should you decide to go ahead in selling a startup business, make sure you do all the background research needed on prospects.

For example, you want to know if a prospective buyer has any financial issues to begin with. If they do, this can stymie a potential sale. Another roadblock is any legal issues a prospect and their company could have.

If you have a skill set then no one can stop you achieving your goals, there are so many Best HR recruiting Firms, these firms can surely help you getting placed somewhere, all you need is skills.

If you plan to go ahead with a sale, also think about any employees in the mix.

Unless you are your company’s single employee, other lives will be affected should you sell. As such, take their futures into consideration.

In owning a company and thinking about selling, you have a lot to go over in your mind.

Do You Want to Work for Someone Else?

When you are not a company owner and simply an employee of a business, changing your career goals is still a big deal.

Take for example if not happy with your current employer and you want to go elsewhere.

Your first step is to know what else is out there. Would making a move to another company make financial sense or in fact be taking a step backwards. If the latter, odds are you will not make the move.

It is also key to think about things such as any current commute you have, benefits, the room to move up the ladder and so on. Weigh all those things along with how much money you are making now and what a move may mean for your wallet.

Finally, it is wise to look at where you are in life.

If later in life and your current job may be your last one, standing pat can be the best decision to make. On the flip side, if earlier into your career, changing jobs tends to have less potential upheaval.

That said you do not want to be jumping from one job to the next all too often. Doing so can look bad on a resume.

In looking for something different out of your career, what decision are you leaning to?

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.